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Côte&Ciel Root Catalog

About Côte&Ciel

The Côte&Ciel story began in 2008 in Paris. A few creative souls developed products that are as functional as they are stylish, that empower and support creative people.

The result is Côte&Ciel, a name meaning coast and sky and one that nods to the inspiration we take from both the natural world and our French heritage.

The vision for Côte&Ciel is simple. To develop, design and produce travel goods that balance modern fabrics with architectural shapes, to make sure bags, rucksacks and sleeves that complement your lifestyle.

Côte&Ciel products are designed to fit smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. All so you can live life the way you need to, safe in the knowledge that your technology is protected with high quality, beautifully designed storage solutions.

In progressive shapes that embody modernity, simplicity and style, Côte&Ciel travel goods are made from innovative materials that feel personal and offer durability so you can keep them close and for a long time.
Côte&Ciel products are designed for universal spaces, sitting comfortable between coast and sky. They’re streamlined to help you connect and disconnect because we know a truly creative person is always switched on.
Deciding our colour palette is pivotal to our process. The base collection in shades black and grey are always complemented by seasonal collections that feature pops of colour.

The products

Bags: Côte&Ciel take inspiration from nature in a design and production process we call organic construction. The form and function is conceived as a body, evolving from the interplay of organs, bones, muscles and skin. And your device sits right at the heart of it, with our compartment construction working as a protective skeleton that’s surrounded by a fabric skin. Every bag in every shape has its own unique story, its own purpose. To carry, to protect, to enable.

Sleeves: The Diver Sleeve. First designed in 2008, it’s been evolving ever since. A streamlined,
fuss-free laptop sleeve, the range has now been extended and tweaked to include a variety of
shapes and sizes and to accommodate all your accessories.

Pouches: Côte&Ciel pouches are an effortless evolution from our range of sleeves. Soft and sleek,
they hit the market in 2010 as a convenient pocket for your iPhone or iPad.